Industrial Sugar

Industrial Sugar


Sidney Sugars produces many varieties of sugar for industrial customers. These products are marketed through United Sugars Corporation to a wide range of food manufacturers across the United States including those in confectionary, bakery, cereal, dairy, and bottling industries. United Sugars is owned by Sidney Sugars parent company American Crystal Sugar Company and two other domestic sugar producing cooperatives.


From bottlers, canners and liquid sugar to granulated, brown and powdered varieties, our high-quality sugars are at the heart of many commercial goods.


United Sugars offers bottlers grades of liquid sugar as well as several granulated sugars. In all of these cases, the sugars are analyzed to assure that they meet the standards of the National Soft Drink Association in addition to our own specifications.


To qualify as Canners Sugar, granulated and liquid sugars are tested to assure that they meet the bacterial standards of the National Food Processors Association in addition to our own specifications.


Liquid Sugar is made by dissolving purified crystalline sucrose in heated water, which is then filtered, cooked and stored. Liquid Sugar Type O has exacting chemical, physical and microbiological standards that make it ideal for use in products whose formulations receive limited processing. Type O is used in soft drinks, canned and bottled products, dairy products, processed foods, confectionery and baking.


Bakers Special is our finest granulated sugar and was developed for the baking industry. It provides fine crumb texture and dissolves easily. It is used in bakery products, cocoa mixes, powdered drink mixes, dry mixes and coatings for doughnuts and cookies.

Coarse Granulated Sugar has a slightly smaller grain size than Sanding Sugar. As a result, it is ideal for pneumatic handling. The crystal provides greater resistance to caking in less than ideal storage conditions. Customers who pulverize sugar for use in their end product will find marked improvement in yield due to the sugar's crystal surface area and flow characteristics. Coarse Granulated Sugar is used in powdered sugar, powdered drink mixes, candy, preserves, jams, jellies, condiments, dairy products, meats, canning, pickles, snack foods and bakery products.

Cordial Sugar is a low color, floc free version of Fine Granulated Sugar. It is used in pharmaceuticals, cordials, liquors, and specialty candies.

Fine Granulated Sugar is the basic sugar, with varied uses throughout the food industry. It is used in a wide range of applications including pharmaceuticals, jams, jellies, meats, chewing gum, dairy products, condiments, pickles, bakery products, cereals, liquid sugar, powdered sugar, candies, and powdered drink mixes.

Gelatin Sugar is a very fine and uniform sugar that lessens the stratification or separation of the final product. It has excellent dissolving qualities and does not settle, thereby maintaining proper head space in jars and canisters. Gelatin Sugar is used in gelatin, desserts, pudding mixes, powdered drink mixes, candy and bakery products.

Sanding Sugar has a grain size that is quite large, which allows the crystal to reflect light, thus giving the product a sparkle. This sugar is frequently used in the manufacture of products where physical appearance is critical. Sanding Sugar adds sparkle to cookies, jelly, candies, cotton candy, baked goods and gumdrops and can be used in colored sugar crystals.

Unigran Sugar is a very uniform version of Fine Granulated Sugar and has virtually no fines. Because of the hygroscopic nature of sugar, Unigran was developed primarily for use in hot drink dispensing machines to assure continuous operation even though the machines and sugar were subjected to severe changes in temperature and humidity. It is used in coffee and cocoa mixes dispensed from hot drink machines, powdered drinks, drink mixes and cereal products.


6X Powdered Sugar has a small uniform particle size and is perfect for a wide range of bakery and confectionery products. It creates smooth texture and easy to spread properties for icings. 6x Powdered Sugar is used for icing and dusting, candies and pharmaceuticals.

10X POWDERED SUGAR is more finely milled than 6x and is ideal for dusting and icing a wide range of bakery and confectionery products. It is used for icing and dusting, candies and pharmaceuticals.

Fondant and Icing Sugar is our finest milled powdered sugar. It provides excellent smoothness and spreadability. It creates ideal smoothness for cream fillings and candies. Fondant and icing sugar is used in icing and dusting, candy centers, and pharmaceuticals.


Dark Brown Sugar is formulated to provide a rich, full-bodied molasses flavor and color. It is used in baked beans, bakery goods, smoked meats, confectionery products and icings.

Light Brown Sugar has a sweet and mild caramel flavor and color. The exceptional flavor and aroma of finished goods is the result of the unique formulation of the brown sugar. Light Brown Sugar is used in bakery products, baked beans, cereals, icings, caramel corn, toppings, syrups and smoked meats.