Sugarbeets should be handled very carefully to remove the trash and soil. Careful handling will help minimize bruising and breakage of the sugarbeets. Equipment used should be in good condition before the start of harvest. Also maintaining the equipment during harvest will benefit the long term beet storage.

How to Reduce Pile Losses

  1. Make sure the soil ridge is centered on the crop row. The crop finder follows the soil ridge, and this will prevent sliced roots.
  2. Keep the harvester from pulling to one side especially if on a hillside.
  3. Don't set the wheels too shallow into the soil on the lifter and it will prevent broken tails.
  4. If frost occurs, harvest will be stopped. Frozen beets don't keep well in storage.

Safety Tips

  1. Shut off all power to attached equipment before getting off tractor.
  2. After cleaning or servicing the beet digger, take a head count to insure all employees are accounted for before starting machine.
  3. When working on truck hoist and box is raised, use a block between frame and box to insure box doesn't come down unexpectedly.